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Smashmouse is a simple concept - a programmable foot controller desiged for use in transport situations, stop play, record and more with this unique hardware. Winner of the Sonicstate Newcomer award for NAMM 2018.
Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit interviews SMASHmouse at the January 2018 NAMM show.
Voice Over Body Shop, or VOBS, is one of the voiceover industry's most loved "how to do voice over" shows and the go-to VO resource for voice actors everywhere. From their Los Angeles studio, hosts George Whittam and Dan Lenard talk voice over tech, training, recording, and business.
Got a chance to interview Robb Dillion from SMASHmouse and he has a great new product for musicians, guitar players, and engineers. NAMM 2018 was great.
SMASHmouse is featured on the Dana Barrett Show. Founder and CEO Robb Dillon explains what SMASHmouse is, and provides some insight into the challenges of raising capital for hardware start-ups.

SMASHmouse is featured on Music Gear Talk. Founder and CEO Robb Dillon explains what SMASHmouse is and how it came into fruition.
Music Trends
SMASHmouse is featured on page 208 of The Music Trades's online publication, "SMASHMOUSE FOOT CONTROLLED PEDAL".
USA Today Tech
Jefferson Graham with USA Today reported on the "7 Coolest Things…" one being SMASHmouse!
Upbeat Daily
Upbeat Daily features SMASHmouse and its universal foot pedal that let's users "Kick It To Click It".
Musical Webb
The Musical Webb interviews Robb Dillon, creator of SMASHmouse at the 2017 NAMM show.
Whitmans World
George from Edge Studio's Whitman's World finds a new product at the 2017 NAMM show to share with the voice-over community!
Clifton Worley Show
Robb Dillon speaks to Clifton Worley at Summer NAMM ‘17 about our universal pedal that allows you to control your digital devices hands-free.

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