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Volterock Review
Volterock at NAMM 2018 talking to Founder/CEO of SMASHmouse Robb Dillon about his revolutionary new software foot controller!
Pitbull Audio
Pitbull Audio and EnterTalk Media correspondent Thu Ho speaks with Founder/CEO of SMASHmouse, Rob Dillon about this revolutionary new software controller. With SMASHmouse, you can control software and other applications on digital devices with your foot! If you like the video then make sure to comment, like, and subscribe!
Smashmouse is a simple concept - a programmable foot controller desiged for use in transport situations, stop play, record and more with this unique hardware. Winner of the Sonicstate Newcomer award for NAMM 2018.
Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit
Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit interviews SMASHmouse at the January 2018 NAMM show.
Voice Over Body Shop
Voice Over Body Shop, or VOBS, is one of the voiceover industry's most loved "how to do voice over" shows and the go-to VO resource for voice actors everywhere. From their Los Angeles studio, hosts George Whittam and Dan Lenard talk voice over tech, training, recording, and business.
Shazamm The iPad Producer
Got a chance to interview Robb Dillion from SMASHmouse and he has a great new product for musicians, guitar players, and engineers. NAMM 2018 was great.
The Dana Barrett Show
SMASHmouse is featured on the Dana Barrett Show. Founder/CEO Robb Dillon explains what SMASHmouse is, and provides some insight into the challenges of raising capital for hardware start-ups.
Alex Wolf
Alex is a professional musician and professional computer engineer, the perfect combination to talk about SMASHmouse. He has recorded multiple CD's, toured internationally, is a composer, and sets up his own music technology. Hear Alex talk about SMASHmouse's "Limitless Possibilities" for musicians.
Andrew Haddad
Andrew is a professional guitarist who has toured the world playing. Recently he graduated from Atlanta's prestigious Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. Even a pro, learning at the highest level, talks about his need for SMASHmouse.
Daniel Silvestri
Accomplished musician and musician tech, Daniel works as a lead stage tech for Accept, one of the worlds most popular heavy metal bands. He also plays bass in Accept's lead guitarist Wolf Hoffman's solo band.
Jason, a PC Gamer known as OneHandFPS after a motorcycle accident caused him to lose the use of one hand. Jason found us at SMASHmouse as he looked for a way to get back to his winning ways and immediately say SMASHmouse as a game changer for him and others like him.
Mark Barlet is the founder of the Able Gamer Charity empowering gamers with disabilities to win at the game of life. Uniquely qualified to understand how we interact with our digital devices, Mark believes SMASHmouse is a unique solution.
Robb Dillon
Hear how SMASHmouse grew from the gift of a guitar to a universal pedal revolutionizing hands free control!
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