Partnership Opportunities =
Limitless Possibility

Our vision is clear…efficiently control our digital devices and increase functionality by freeing up our hands.
We have created a unique, universal pedal that can be used as a fully-functional mouse and more on both Windows and MacOS. Even better, it can easily be used to work with many standard and online applications.
The patent-pending design includes a microprocessor that allows the pedal to function in multiple modes. As we grow and build our partner base, we will develop additional software for new functionality like MIDI expression, DAW for ProAudio software, and custom binding gaming controls.
To make SMASHmouse even more valuable to our users, we are ACTIVELY seeking existing software and new development partners so SMASHmouse can be used with even more software.
Contact Us to learn more about how to make SMASHmouse work with your existing software or to discuss partnering on developing new products. We’re currently looking to partner with:
  • Online music lesson providers
  • Digital sheet music publishers
  • Pro Audio
  • MIDI & DAW
  • Drum/beat machines
  • Digital effect and expression pedal applications
  • Visual/lighting effects
  • Video and PC gaming
  • Virtual reality
  • Assistive technology to empower those with specific needs