Revolutionizing Hands-Free Control

SMASHmouse is the universal pedal that offers multiple ways to control your devices and software. The multi-modal design allows you to easily toggle between modes.
SMASHmouse Mouse Mode
Mouse Mode
Intuitive and ergonomic.
Full cursor control.
Smash down center for left click.
Right button is for Alt click.
Left button toggles between modes.
Colored LED indicates mode.
SMASHmouse Play Back Mode
Playback Mode
One-click Playback Control, simply click any direction corresponding to the icon indicating each playback function.

Works with any Windows, Mac OS, or online audio/video media player.
"A Universal Pedal"
The patent-pending technology works with Windows, MacOS (mobile coming soon) and offers multiple functionalities. It works with many 3rd party applications with more software add-ons in the works for even more music and gaming functionality.
Building Partnerships
SMASHmouse offers multiple digital controls and a built-in microprocessor means we can develop more ways to help users focus on their tasks with their hands and still control their devices. Have an idea of a new use? Looking to differentiate your software in a crowded marketplace? Reach out and let’s work together to make it happen. Learn more about partnership opportunities.
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